The New program Cepheus fleece you while playing poker

The New program Cepheus fleece you while playing poker

The New program Cepheus fleece you while playing poker

Every poker player at least once in their “career” (or even without the quotes, then really there trifles) happened a pity that he did not have just a little more understanding of his hand at some of the things some of the games. The new piece of software created by Computer Poker Research Group at the University of Alberta, however, no such crisis of confidence. Now with the new software to train the game of Texas Hold’em will become much more efficient. Perhaps funnier, but certainly much more interesting and productive.

“We represent the game of poker as a process Resolved, when the distribution is played. Cards stacked chips counted. Everything. But imagine the following scene: a man playing 200 hands per hour for as long as, say, 12 hours a day for 70 years. Yes, it is produced by intuition, but his extravagant experience makes him doubt each of his next decision. The so-called “Woe from Wit”. He starts over the hole to analyze the enemy disposition, and that if a player is not as simple as it behaves, “explains lead study author Michael Bowling. Even winning all distribution per day the next day, this player can not feel completely confident, even at 95%.

Limited Time Texas Hold’em is played with only two players with fixed rates and the size of a limited number of allowed lifts them. According to the University of Alberta, this version of poker there are fewer possible situations than in Checkers – the game that the institution of “solved” and sort through back in 2007.

In poker, however, all information about the game is not disclosed to the players. For players not possible to get a full understanding of past events or to see the hands of their opponents, for example. This is the nature of “imperfect information” cautious attitude to the enemy, and even to himself. This is Texas Hold’em. Says a representative of the University of Alberta, these circumstances make the game much more difficult for computers in terms of analysis options.

Cepheus was programmed in accordance with the rules of the game and was then put into a game against himself. According to Bowling, the software has been active for two months, using more than four thousand CPUs for each analysis process more than six billion hands every second. More than a billion, a billion hands played with the study of software and improves with each new distribution.

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