Producing for TV panels will iTV LG

Among the recent rumors about a possible imminent launch of Apple TV service added interesting new allegations from Asian suppliers of the corporation. According to the portal Digitimes, currently the technology giant is actively in talks with LG Display to supply large-4K-display diagonal of 55 and 65 inches.
Judging by the size of the panels, we are talking about the Apple TV , which is popularly called iTV. Earlier it was reported that as a major supplier of TV panels in Cupertino deliver Sharp , but this time decided to join it and LG Display.

You can not say that the intervention LG surprise – the company already produces displays for some laptops and tablets Apple iPad. However, with the manufacturer of a sufficient number of personnel and equipment for the production of such panels is still questionable, writes 9to5Mac. In any case, if the iTV will be incredibly popular, Sharp can not cope alone.

Will this be enough for 65 inches of such a device? It is. I’m sure, for those who prefer a huge TVs with screen sizes greater than two meters, Apple will come up with a special solution. Of course, this will necessarily affect their value.

But if you have prepared a few thousand dollars, and intend to buy iTV this fall, is forced to disappoint you. According to Digitimes, produce 4K displays for Apple may now only a few. Other companies have used all their capacities to fulfill previous orders. Therefore, an innovative TV can wait no earlier than one year.

Chances are, at the moment tech giant intends to smoothly enter the TV market with the Apple TV. Apple has long talks with media giants opportunity to broadcast cable television through its console. There is reason to believe that many of them will satisfy the request of the corporation for a fee.

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