Pressy – button for a smart phone to call the quick action

Modern smart phones are sophisticated devices capable of performing a wide range of tasks. But at the same time for the start of the tasks required to make several actions (to unlock the device, find the application you want to run the package, specify the desired command), which require time-consuming.

Some smartphone manufacturers are trying to solve this problem with the introduction of support for voice control. But Beck Nimrod (Nimrod Back) with his friend Mendelom Boaz (Boaz Mendel) decided to go another way and equip smartphone extra hardware button Pressy, clicking on which allow you to set fast action. They launched on Kickstarter project to raise funds for the production of the device.

Pressy connects to your phone via the headphone jack. The button above the surface of the smartphone is 0.7 mm. The app tracks you click this button, analyze their duration, and combinations and immediately activates the specified actions. Thus, the user can quickly call a certain number, make instant photos, including voice recorder, activate the backlight, etc. The application allows you to configure many actions on certain types of depression.

To begin mass production Pressy developers planned to collect on Kickstarter $ 40 thousand for the first 2 days they have already collected the amount is 5 times than necessary. Thus, the project can already be called a success. Fundraising will continue until October 14 of this year.

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