Playbulb: new advanced lamp for truckers

Playbulb: new advanced lamp for truckers

Playbulb: new advanced lamp for truckers

Lovers of outdoor activities can be satisfied – Playbulb company launched several new models of smart lighting to testify or garden. When the device is not yet produced in large quantities – the developers have just started to collect funds for the launch of the series. The funds collected on Kickstarter, and now the collection of Finance takes quite active.

The very clever lamp was named Garden, and is intended primarily for use in a private home or cottage. Device looks like a big washer with glowing edges. According to the developers, the device is set very simple – just plug into the ground plastic leg.

The lamp is equipped with several LEDs of different colors, allowing you to adjust the hue of the glow. In addition, Garden operates autonomously – placed inside the battery capacity of 650 mAh, it is enough for about a day of work.

At the top of the unit is placed photocell allows the device to be charged in the daytime. There are also wireless communication module Bluetooth 4.0, with the help of which the communication with the mobile device. To control the lamp uses a proprietary application.

Price per lamp – $ 24, and a set of 10 units will cost 179 dollars.

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