Philips introduces the speakers Fidelio SoundSphere DesignLine

At IFA 2013 , Philips is one of its latest developments in audio technology – speakers Fidelio SoundSphere DesignLine. Elegant design combined with advanced acoustic technology and clear sound – SoundSphere DesignLine win the hearts of music lovers and fans of a movie night in the whole world. Design of the new AC is specifically designed so that they complement the TV series Philips DesignLine.

SoundSphere DesignLine is a premium line of Fidelio and is an important addition to the company’s flagship model in the category ” Home Theatre “. SoundSphere DesignLine – is an active system with two speakers , in which, as in other products line Fidelio, with optimum sound quality and stylish design. SoundSphere DesignLine was designed to create the ideal sound source , who plays with the utmost precision any frequency. Design of the device allows the sound freely and without interference to spread, making it as natural as possible and turning the room into a concert venue or in place of the film .

Working on the creation SoundSphere DesignLine we wanted to ensure that the sound is as clean as possible ,” – said Matthew Dore (Matthew Dore), sound engineer and acoustics , Philips Lifestyle Entertainment. “You feel that you are listening to the performance of the actor, not a sound from the speakers .

The true source of the sound from one point in space has long been a prime target for audiophiles . In 2003, a team of acoustic engineers of Philips in Belgium innovatively approached the issue of creating an ideal source. In the following years they were engaged in development of the concept , which prevents interference between the sound of the bass and treble speakers. Using in-depth knowledge of the principles of acoustics, they put the “floating” tweeter at ear level , defining the stereo image , and the woofer has been placed on the floor , because our ears are not so sensitive to the location of the source of the lower frequencies.

In SoundSphere DesignLine use of advanced high-frequency ring radiator that is usually found only in speakers, high-end . Its shell minimizes diffraction and allows the sound waves propagate freely . Tweeter that reproduces well the mids , located on a long thin stem , which prevents vibrations emanating from the woofer . Rounded housing wall woofer designed to ensure maximum rigidity for the most accurate reproduction of cinematic effects of any complexity using the lower frequencies, and sound amplification Hypex warrants distortion, even at the highest volume levels. As a result, there is not something extra when you create the most natural sound with a wider area of ​​distribution and a wider sweet spot .

Main technical characteristics SoundSphere DesignLine:

  • Natural sound with exceptional clarity , precision and timing
  • The wider stereo image
  • Presence and a wider sweet spot
  • The ring RF transmitter for a softer treble
  • Sound Enhancement Hypex for no interference, even at maximum volume
  • Cinematic natural sound from all sides

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