Labels coated “Vinyl cinnamon”

Name “Vinyl with cinnamon” probably familiar to many of our readers. Some time ago, we have already got into the hands of vinyl stickers from this store, but recently the guys we have thrown more stickers. Most importantly, it probably bothers you most is the cinnamon sticks. They are in place, as well as unusual stickers coated.

The very label consists of four parts, three of which are bonded to the front of the smartphone and the only one on the back. Front two main parts labels applied to the upper and lower smartphone so that the side faces are exposed, and parts where the front camera and the button “Home” closed. By the way, the sticker on the button itself is also included.

The back of the label completely closes the manufacturer’s logo smartphone. Moreover, due to its “sticky” properties phone with a sticker applied can easily stick to the glass – whether it’s a mirror in the bathroom or the screen of your computer.

Number of designs are available for all modern devices Apple , is striking. They are really very, very much, but most pleasant is that for every label you can easily download wallpapers and more that mimic the texture and complement the most stickers.
Personally, I’m not too big a fan of labels, but once pasted on your iPhone funny stickers. But exactly polymer stickers I liked – they look cool on the device and offer a new feeling in the palm of your hand phone. Also it is necessary to take into account that the designs on the website “Vinyl Cinnamon” a great multitude, so that you can always find something suitable for you. Well, if it does not, you can download your own sticker design.

The cost of these stickers is $20 for smartphones and music players Apple. With prices and possible designs can be found on the shop site “Vinyl cinnamon”. And yes, for each label you get a free cinnamon stick.

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