Oppo N1 could be the first smartphone Cyanogen, Inc


Just recently it was reported that Cyanogen can become a separate operating system and compete for first place with Android and iOS. Today, Steve Kondik, founder and chief financial officer Cyanogen, appeared in a video on YouTube channel Oppo. In the video, he said that he would be present at the event Oppo in Beijing and it has exciting news for us.

It looks like Cyanogen entered into an agreement with the Oppo, to September 23 with his debut on the smartphone operating system Oppo N1. Oppo is still not as popular outside of the Asian market, although their model Find 5 made ​​a good impression on many. However, the interface does not prevent Oppo upgrade, and who better than Cyanogen, know at this point? 


This can be beneficial agreement for both parties. Cyanogen will get smartphones, which will be installed on their OS, and Oppo may become more popular, thanks to Cyanogen Mod fame worldwide. Individually, they are not as strong, but a bunch of hardware and software, they can achieve a good success.

We can only wait for the 23rd of September and see what we can surprise Oppo and Cyanogen.

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