New OnePlus One lost CyanogenMod logo

New OnePlus One lost CyanogenMod logo

New OnePlus One lost CyanogenMod logo

If you bought a smartphone OnePlus One, we noticed – on the box and the back of the device there is no logo Cyanogenmod. Why the company decided to stop using it? Maybe because of the conflict that took place in India? Recently, the Supreme Court of Delhi has been banned from sale and delivery of appropriate gadgets.

However, a little later, “surfaced” the real reason for the disappearance of the brand with packaging.

As reported in OnePlus, the company plans to conquer the world. And this requires a fully unify corporate identity.

Are the true words of company representatives, we can not say with absolute certainty.

New OnePlus One lost CyanogenMod logo

Although it sounds logical. Now the flagship comes in different countries with different firmware. This decision must save the manufacturer time and money.

OnePlus get rid of the need to release 2 versions of design – with logo and without CyanogenMod. The phone will look the same in every region.

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