Odroid-W: 30-dollar "clone" Raspberry Pi

Odroid-W: 30-dollar “clone” Raspberry Pi

Odroid-W: 30-dollar "clone" Raspberry Pi

The popularity of low-cost mini-computer Raspberry Pi has spawned many imitators to light. Varying degrees of adequacy and price.

The last factor, however, has become critical. Some single-board solutions managed to surpass “grandparent” possible. But solely due to the higher value (above the psychological mark of $ 35).

The creators Odroid-W used a different approach

They were able to develop a “clone” of the popular system (first generation) for only 30 USD.

What is particularly interesting – the device is fully compatible with all software, invented for Raspberry. Future PC owners immediately gain access to a wealth of unique software.

The invention is extremely compact. Platform dimensions are only 60 to 36 to 7 mm. Dimensions Odroid-Wallow you to create prototypes of wearable electronics, embedded in the device “Internet of Things” and so on.

Odroid-W: 30-dollar "clone" Raspberry Pi

If you believe the official website of the project, the role of the processor performs chip Broadcom BCM2835 processor with a clock frequency of 700 MHz. He created on the basis of core ARM11.

In addition, there are 26 pins GPIO, 512 MB RAM Card slot microSD, microHDMI port, and microUSB. Alas, Ethernet is not (but it can be added using the corresponding expansion card).

Source: hardkernel

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