Nokia Normandy and a brand new Nokia Asha are shown in two rendering | Rumors

Evleaks known disseminator of information leaked, has been particularly active in recent hours, spreading two rendering depicting two different Nokiaterminals. The first (opening image) is the most often cited Nokia Normandy, code name for a device that was previously defined by the same eveleaks as the “missing link”. Judging by the terminal, Nokia Normandy seems to “join” the Lumia range of smartphones to the terminal Asha, because the design draws very closely that of the terminals Windows Phone from Nokia, and the only button on the front panel confirmation that it is a device Asha. It could therefore be assumed that Nokia Asha Normandy is a device with a new design and with a large display.

The second rendering below, also shows a second terminal Asha, which looks more like the models in the current range Asha. It is a rendering that, in truth, raises some concerns because, for example, the logo for Bing is the previous one, reflecting the fact that the rendering may refer to a product “designed” a few months ago. It is said, therefore, that it is a model still in the development phase.

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