The first news from the construction of the new Apple campus

Offices of many technology corporations are distinguished by their originality and attention to detail. Those same “Yandex», Group and Google have done everything in order to provide its employees with a comfortable and unusual place to work. But Apple decided to go even further: the corporation is building a new campus , which looks like a real spaceship. This facility will be one of the most unique and expensive in the world.

According to Cult Of Mac, despite the delay, construction is now underway. A lot of attention is paid to the underground part of the office, because it must be considerably greater than what will be on the surface. No, Apple employees will not work in rooms with no windows (although it is possible) – the company is planning to acquire a private branch tube for easy movement around the office.

In addition, under Apple is going to deploy the largest parking lot in San Francisco nearly 11,000 cars. Total office is able to accommodate 14,200 employees, and be powered from this facility will be the sunlight. To do this, place the technology giant 65,000 square meters of solar panels.

Since the lack of sun in California, Apple will be able to completely switch to alternative energy sources and significantly reduce your monthly electric bill. On campus will also be arranged a variety of cafes, restaurants, fitness centers, conference rooms, and more. Perhaps that is where the company will continue to pursue all of its presentations .

It is expected that this miracle will cost the corporation in five billion dollars, but experts boldly raised the ante to $ 10 billion. I think, Apple could well afford to invest in their future well: she has nearly $ 150 billion of available funds. Indeed, the main source of its revenue – talented workers.

Many critics interpreted the project negatively. In particular, journalists from The New Yorker called the campus “scary”, “incomprehensible” and “Pentagon twenty-first century.” Let’s see what they will say in three years.

Apple plans to complete the construction of the campus in 2016, so the wait is not too long. The draft structure presented another Steve Jobs .

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