A new piece of hidden features in iOS 7


As we all know, the new version of iOS, this is the seventh time, has become a truly revolutionary and has brought a lot of changes, both in terms of design and in terms of the availability of new features. But despite the fact that most of them are located in sight, there are those that are not visible at first sight. And that is why today we would like to tell you about the new hidden features iOS 7, despite the fact that we wrote about it earlier.

Icon hours

If you have not noticed, the icon is now displayed chacov real time!

Level gauging

You need to put something really exactly? Now the iPhone will be able to help you with this, with the ability to adjust the level.

The simultaneous closure of several applications

When you invoke the multitasking bar, instead of a single swipe you can do two, or even three!

New functionality Siri

Now you will be able to ask your favorite virtual assistant on how to turn off your Wi-Fi, increased volume / brightness and so on.

Applications with me

Now you can see what applications are downloaded more often than where you are now. You are in New York? Most likely, there will often download applications guides, maps, taxi services and so on.

What other hidden features have you found?

Based on materials from mashable.com

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