NEC left the smartphone market

Creator of the world’s first smartphone with a water-cooled decided to leave the smart phone market. It is worth mentioning that the first rumors about the termination of the development and production of new smart phones NEC appeared for a long time, but now the Japanese company decided to tell the world about it. It should be noted that the NEC is not going to leave the market feature phones and will continue to provide maintenance and provide services to owners of previously issued smartphones. NEC leave the tablet market has also not going to, and for the production of conventional phones will use the production capacity the company NEC Saitama.

At the end of 2012, NEC has sold 2.9 million smartphones. In comparison, Apple’s only in the fourth quarter of 2012 managed to sell 44.8 million smartphones.

According to NEC, withdrawal from the market of smartphones will focus on the more promising areas of business.

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