Bayer has promised to reduce the thickness of the laptop case up to 1.4 cm

Bayer has developed a new material for the body structure of the new generation of notebooks.

While traditional laptops with 3.5 cm thick chassis weighs up to 2.6 kg, the new generation of ultra-thin notebook offers thickness of the shell is only 2.1 cm and they weigh no more than 1.5 kg. Reinforced polycarbonates, specially developed by Bayer, can save about 100 grams, reducing the total weight of 1.4 kg, and reduce the thickness of the body by 45%, ie up to 1.4 cm or less.

The new material is presented in a wide range of colors, allows the body to produce laptops with complex geometrical structure (3D) and innovative textured surface (2D). In addition, it can be given a soft touch texture.

“The new reinforced polycarbonate, developed by Bayer, is designed to meet the needs of end users in more light, thin, stylish, safe and durable mobile devices – commented on the news Ning Hao, a materials engineer, Lenovo. – At the same time, it saves time and energy in the production of components. One frame is made ​​entirely in less than a minute. “

Cases for notebooks based on reinforced polycarbonates will be shown at the International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber “By 2013,” which will open its doors on October 16 in Dusseldorf.

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