Modern Drones will arrange 3D-show at the stadium "Amsterdam Arena"

Modern Drones will arrange 3D-show at the stadium “Amsterdam Arena”

Modern Drones will arrange 3D-show at the stadium "Amsterdam Arena"

The popularity of UAVs has reached critical mass. Until recently, aircraft were seen as instruments for military purposes. Then the car started to please ordinary enthusiasts (take to run them in the direction of the White House).

Now drones got a chance to capture a segment of mass entertainment. Such attempts have already been made, but the creators of the show is going to bring AIR idea to a new level.

Toward the end of the year at the famous stadium “Amsterdam Arena” will be large-scale representation. Unique in its kind. With the abundant use of drones and colorful set of 3D-effects.

Authors of the idea want to demonstrate to the public the quality alloy of art and innovation. What will happen with people in a few months, you can understand about the trailer.

AIR, according to organizers, will be sensational premiere. In which the main role performed by the UAV. They will show a variety of ways to impress and amaze the most discerning audience.

Looks interesting.

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