Microsoft will release its "Chromebooks" for $ 149

Microsoft will release its “Chromebooks” for $ 149

Microsoft will release its "Chromebooks" for $ 149

Microsoft did not give rest to the success of portable computers based on cloud OS from Google. Cheap Soup quickly captures the market (especially the educational segment).

It is reported that the corporation from Redmond plans to create an attractive alternative solutions based on Chrome OS.

If you believe the analysts Digitimes Research, in a few months will announce two such devices.

For specifications, the following is known. Both devices are equipped with 11.6-inch screens and processors Intel Bay Trail-T CR. The operating system is Windows 10 declared.

Microsoft will release its "Chromebooks" for $ 149

Models for retail sale will Chinese firm 3 Nod (one of the partners of Microsoft). Cooperation will make the news as accessible as possible.

To entrust to conquer the field of education. Experienced company Elitegroup Computer Systems. On account of its famous Classmate PC. True, there are “student” laptops more expensive – $ 179.

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