Microsoft is preparing its response to Google Now and Siri

The idea of ​​a digital assistants has long stirred the big companies , and the most famous of these assistants , no doubt , are the Google Now and Siri from Apple. Despite the similar purpose , these programs have been quite different principles , but , in addition, do not forget about the many third-party offerings , ranging from relatively small to large , such as voice command S Voice from Samsung. Microsoft also does not want to keep up with the listed companies and is going to present its own digital assistant named Cortana.

On the establishment of such a tool in July he mentioned Steve Ballmer : ” Our shell is excellent in providing precisely the information that users need , and will even anticipate what they need before they will be asked .” Sounds fantastic , and the plans of Microsoft really grand . This is evidenced by at least that Cortana ( artificial intelligence in a series of Microsoft Halo) will use the database Satori – the same as the search engine Bing, also owned by Microsoft.

Unofficial sources claim that the digital assistant should be formally presented together with an update to the mobile operating system Windows Phone , code-named Blue, which should be available in early 2014. But what is most interesting is that Microsoft is not limited to : promises that later Cortana will be available (or available ? ) For Windows and console Xbox One.

It will be very interesting to see what exactly we prepare by Microsoft, and as far as her assistant is an intelligent solution from Google and Apple, but also what he will get the distinctive features – agree , after all, copy one of the services is not the level of Microsoft and way to winning the attention of buyers .

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