Microsoft: more different keyboards

Along with tablets Surface and Surface Pro presented to us and cover-keyboard for them. And Microsoft is very proud of them. The second version of the keyboard was not only better but also received two new species.

Along with updating its tablet, Microsoft introduced the Power Cover, a keyboard with an extra battery, and the Remix Project, to create music tracks and remixes. Power Cover will increase the life of the tablet is 50%. Cost of the additional time would be $ 199.99. But it looks like Microsoft wants to continue to do the keyboard for different tasks.

Creative Director at Microsoft Surface, Ralph Greune (Ralf Groene), visited the Art College of Design in Pasadena. There he talked with the students, and the main goal was to inspire young designers, so they have come up with as many applications for keyboard Surface.

In Microsoft argue it so that it is not necessary to all of your tablet working with documents, someone who works with video, one with the music, and someone from a photo. And for each of them need a convenient tool for the job. Such a body might be a Surface with his keyboard. Although the best option would be E Ink keyboard that can be fully customized to themselves and their personal needs. But such plans until Microsoft no.

What do you think, correctly makes Microsoft, trying to offer such specialized keyboard for a tablet? Or enough to have a high-quality specialized music, photos and video applications such as on iPad?

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