Microsoft has introduced a number of improvements to the service SkyDrive

One such innovation is to support high-resolution displays. Now the service measures the resolution of the display device by the user, and if it detects a high value DPI, shows photos and preview icons in high resolution. It also reported the addition of support for animated images GIF. Although these images are stored on SkyDrive could before, but when you share files within the service animation is not displayed.

Additionally reported on the improvement of the function of the shared files and folders that are hosted on SkyDrive. Previously, it was necessary to allocate each file and provide shared access to it individually. Or, you can copy these files to the same folder, and provide shared access to it. The user now has the ability to select all the files and provide shared access to all of them at a time. In addition, the new design allows you to determine which files previously been shared, and for whom it was.

However, in the preview pictures became available for their rotation, improved filtering function. When you share a file, the recipient no longer need to make authentication for editing. Additionally notified support JavaScript, CSS, HTML and other code that is designed to simplify the procedure of online editing.

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