In Outlook.com introduced support for IMAP and OAuth


Microsoft has announced the implementation of the IMAP protocol support OAuth and its mail service Outlook.com. It is noted that the service already supports the industry’s best protocol EAS (Exchange ActiveSync), available on most smartphones and tablets based on the OS Windows Phone, iOS and Android, as well as in Windows 8 Mail and Outlook 2013.

It is reported that the introduction of support for additional protocols was made at the request of customers who use the devices and applications that do not have the support of EAS. At the same time, the older the IMAP protocol is widely used and is widely used in e-mail clients for the platform Mac, for example, Mac Mail and Thunderbird. Now, users of these applications will be able to work with a service Outlook.com.

In addition, third-party application developers now available to integrate the work with Outlook.com into their products.

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