Microsoft celebrates its 40th anniversary

Microsoft celebrates its 40th anniversary

Microsoft celebrates its 40th anniversary

By making Microsoft, may be treated differently. Good or bad. But it must be admitted, the company has earned some respect. So long hold on the market – no joke.

Behind – a long way. 40 years ago – in the spring of 1975 – Paul Allen and Bill Gates founded the tiny “start-up”. Now this is a huge organization known literally everything.

A curious fact. The First name was different: Micro-Soft (original word game «Microprocessor» and «Software»). Later dash disappeared, “name” has become more common.

Over the years, the company changed the computer industry. On account of its platform Xenix (based on Unix), the operating system MS-DOS and the famous Windows.

Last – according to statistics Net Applications – installed on 91 percent of personal computers.

One software is not limited. Developers from Redmond created a number of popular devices. Various peripherals for the PC, Xbox video game consoles, and “smart” phones.

Microsoft celebrates its 40th anniversary

The first time in the state, there were only 3 people. Now Microsoft employs approximately 125 000 people.

Sounds great. Congratulations to all involved with an impressive date.

Source: PhoneArena

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