New MacBook Pro will show in September

Judging by the comments regarding data leaks about the new iPhone and iPad, among our readers there are many people who are happy with the current generation of mobile devices, but was not averse to upgrade your MacBook. Well, previously present information about the fall release of the next-generation MacBook Pro got a bit of specificity.

According to foreign colleagues, the updated line of laptops from Apple, which broke the Spring Air announcement on the new processor Haswell , will finally be reduced to a common denominator. Yes, this database will become the new architecture from Intel, which even if it was not a real revolution, but it is precisely marked some progress in performance and battery life .

Also, you should really expect a lot from the Iris Pro 5200 integrated GPU, which is the top solution from Intel. Judging from the tests on the web, marketing materials regarding its performance does not differ greatly from reality. Graphic shows not only the 50 -% increase compared to the previous generation, but also begins to literally step on the toes of the discrete solution of Ati and Nvidia, to compete with all that and was started.

And what about the widespread use of Retina and SSD, you might ask. Indeed, the least solid state drives have become very affordable and reliable for mass use. While the answer to this question is no: Apple may well start using SSD all notebooks and can wait a little longer. Will it positively or negatively on the demand – an open question, because laptops are very few changes every year. It is also obvious that the updated iMac show at the same time – in the event September 10.

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