LG has introduced an unusual case for QuickWindow not yet announced a smartphone Optimus G2


Announcement of the new Android-flagship of LG, known as Optimus G2, will be held until August 7 , but that did not stop the Korean manufacturer to provide advance corporate cover for him – QuickWindow.

Accessory bit like View Cover for Samsing Galaxy S4 , but the novelty functional. At the very least, the impression is created after reading the official press release . QuickWindow is the case, the cover with a cut out in the front part of the window. Enough to hold in a certain area with your finger to trigger adapted to cover the interface QuickView UI, as strange as it may sound. Among the applications for it are mentioned clock, alarm clock, music player, weather, phone and SMS management.

New on sale along with the Optimus G2 in seven different colors, including black, white, blue, yellow, purple and pink.

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