LG first announced the start of mass production of flexible OLED screens for smartphones


LG has officially announced the start of mass production of the world’s first flexible displays such as OLED, which once again confirms the rumors of a curved smartphone LG G Flex, which should go on sale in November.

The flexible panel is very similar to conventional OLED screen. The main difference in the substrate – in case the screen is a flexible plastic, rather than glass, allowing it to set LG desired curved shape. Despite rumors of the imminent release of a curved smartphone LG G Flex, CTO of LG Display Yeoh San Deo said that the main goal of the company is to produce “unique products with a completely new design and improved performance in the next year.”

Unfortunately, LG has not yet started to call resolution, but lifted the veil of secrecy over the other technical characteristics of the panel. Known for its weight – 7.2 g, diagonal – 6 inches, and thickness – only 0.44 mm. In addition, LG did not forget to mention the other important parameter – the radius of curvature. It is 700 mm. For comparison, it is approximately two times more than the Galaxy Nexus.

It is worth noting that Samsung engineers also do not sit idly by. Resource The Verge , Samsung has confirmed its plans to release a smartphone with a curved screen in October.

It seems that the output of mobile devices with flexible screens are really not far off, and the release of this type of screen is a big step forward on the path to the new standards in the market.

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