iPhone still dominates the U.S. market


How would the South Korean company did not want to storm the “home” market for Apple, Samsung in this direction until that moves at a snail’s speed. Recently specialists analytical agency The NPD Group estimated the proportion of each of the key manufacturers of smartphones in the fourth quarter of last year, which sell their products in the United States.

Undisputed leader of the U.S. smartphone market is Apple, which is compared with 2012 increased its share by 7% and reached the level of 42%. Corporation of Cupertino managed to not only retain the first place, but also to increase the lead from his nearest rival – the company Samsung. The latter, in turn, is remarkable growth, but not too large from 22 to 26 percent.

Among the other participants in the rating increase boasts only LG. The technology giant is housed on the fourth line, increased its share by one percent and almost went into the top three. The most serious fall demonstrated HTC and Blackberry, which Americans recently completely oblivious. 


Analysts believe that to increase its share in the U.S., Apple has helped not only the presentation of two smartphones last autumn, but also flexible pricing on gadgets corporation. In addition, the development of iPhone contributed U.S. mobile operator T-Mobile, which late last year began distributing contract smartphones from Apple.

The total market growth rate reached 60%, whereas in 2012 this figure ranged near 52%.

If you take a share and summarize all manufacturers of Android-smartphone from the list, Apple, of course, remain far behind. Which once again proves the pointlessness of studies in which analysts are trying to figure out which mobile operating system is more common thing in the world.

We can only be happy for Apple and wish her ​​a recurrence of such a pattern in other countries.

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