Crytek showed at E3 simplified version Ryse: Son of Rome

Presented at E3 2013 demo Ryse: Son of Rome angered many journalists that on easy it literally played itself to itself. However, in a recent interview with Siliconera Crytek producer Michael Reed (Michael Read) assured that the final version of the action will be much more difficult, and QTE-events that make up an important part of its gameplay, can not be overcome without the active participation of the player.

“In the final version of the game you can choose the level of complexity in its sole discretion, from the lightest to the nightmare, – he explained. – This will determine the amount of damage you take from enemy attacks, and the requirements for precision in their blocking. In the initial section of the game, which you saw, we have deliberately put a couple of weak opponents, which can be overcome with ease. This is necessary to gamers to deal with management and are used to it. “

If you believe the developer, E3 demo was aimed at people new to such games, and visitors to the event to dedicate the intricacies of mechanics Ryse authors considered redundant. This version of the game, according to Reed, was deprived of the important elements of design, and the balance of the game when it was created, and the developers are not thought of.

By the time of release of Ryse, as promised producer, will get a few extra types of attacks (eg, by holding X, gamers will be able to perform the bounce), and combinations of movements. Icons that appear in the demo when the QTE, the creators plan to replace a more inventive visual and audio cues.

Ryse: Son of Rome will appear in the final quarter of this year, in an exclusive version for Xbox One.

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