Want iPhone 5S? It’s time to sell your iPhone


Since not everyone can afford to buy a new one every year iPhone, users often pre get rid of their old smartphones in anticipation of the new products from Apple. Even if you are just thinking about selling your iPhone 4 or 4S and want to maximize their profits, experts advise urgently call open the door to the secondary market. Otherwise, you risk losing potential customers.

On the example of the iPhone 5, analysts of the company NextWorth learned how to change the price of the old Apple smartphones before and after the presentation of the new ones. Last year the gadget was unveiled in September – it is expected that this year the date is practically coincide. And if the sources do not deceive us, the most favorable period for the sale of the old iPhone was July. Since August prices in the secondary market is beginning to fall, and by December, reaching minimum values.

This pricing behavior is very predictable. Many special offers first leaks of the date of presentation of the new iPhone, which usually falls in the beginning or middle of August. After that, users are beginning to plan his purchase, allocate some money from the budget, and the rest is obtained from the sale of their former number. Of course, no one wants to stay in the cold.


But even if you blinked this “golden” time, do not despair. In no case did not sell the smartphone in that gap when the iPhone 5S will already be submitted, but not yet available in stores. And as soon as the official sales 5S will begin in the United States, and the Russian people are in tears looking at 100000th price tags, lay their cards on the table. At least in the last year this technique has worked with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S, and the “four” continued to fall down.

Last fall, I bought the iPhone 5, but stupidity to postpone the sale of 4S. Lasted until December, but already there is a smartphone with 64 GB of memory, do not want to take even 20 thousand rubles. But actively offered to exchange for a variety of devices from Samsung and HTC.

So far, only the middle of August – by September iPhone price in the secondary market will fall even more. So if you really sell the phone, now. Or the hope that the price tags will jump again in late October.

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