iPad will help save energy


Belkin will offer a new way to reduce the energy consumption of household appliances. With the help of Belkin Echo Electricity can be measured by the cost of electricity for every home electric and electronic equipment. This “smart” adapter takes on the task of monitoring electricity consumption in real time, transmitting data on the screen of the iPad interface through Wi-Fi. Echo Electricity is also able to completely disconnect the power supply when the connected device is not used.


The device consists of two parts – the sensor, which is installed in electric power distribution panel, and a mobile application for the analysis of the data collected. The first recognizes the high frequency interference from household appliances during activity, classifies them and sends to the server. The application for the iPad, in turn, renders the data and outputs them in the form of a graph, which is interactive, showing the percentage of power consumed at the moment kitchen lighting, computer or home audio system.

“Our goal – to draw consumers’ attention to the waste of electricity – said the Belkin. – The clearer the user will see where leave his money and resources of the planet, the greater the reasons to start saving. Thanks to Belkin Echo Electricity people know that incandescent lamp consumes more electricity than a refrigerator, and lighting will be used more sparingly. “

The company plans to develop the technology and promises that in the future Belkin Echo Electricity learn to distinguish between the types of lamps, brand appliances and electronics. The company is currently negotiating with service providers in the hope that their system will be installed in every home.

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