HTC's new flagship One M9 was the "world's most beautiful disappointment"

HTC’s new flagship One M9 was the “world’s most beautiful disappointment”

HTC's new flagship One M9 was the "world's most beautiful disappointment"

HTC introduced the flagship of a new generation – HTC One M9. Observers he was not impressed. First of all, the company did not meet expectations related to the quality of images obtained with the built-in camera, although its resolution has grown.

The new flagship smartphone HTC – One M9, – presented at the MWC 2015 in Barcelona, was “the most beautiful in the world of disappointment,” the newspaper writes The Verge. The most anticipated new feature in the new flagship camera was. Many people are not satisfied that in the past the flagship M8 camera allows you to take a 4-megapixel images. Therefore, the company entrusted with the hope that the new device will be a better camera.

Sensor Resolution in One M9 really grown – up to 20 MP. But the camera remained “mediocre,” writes The Verge.

“Unfortunately, my initial impressions of the camera is not turned out to be positive. On all my shots are present noise. As for the shooting in the absence of sufficient light – it’s just a disaster. I was reminded of smartphones BlackBerry, in which from generation to generation manufacturer could not put a normal camera “- the author writes The Verge.

His opinion is shared by the browser from the site Android Authority. “The new camera is very weak in low light conditions. I tried it in many places, including inside the Sagrada Familia, and I was disappointed with the results, “- he says, noting that the M9 and no optical stabilization, which has become” standard in many modern champions “(she appeared in Samsung Galaxy S6).

HTC One M9 looks the same as the M8. Therefore, its customers will be deprived of the feeling of novelty. “When I first saw the M9, I thought that I look at the previous generation machine” – shared the author of The Verge, recalling that the M8 was once voted the most beautiful smartphone platform Android.

In M9 remained the same all-metal housing and the same screen – 5 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixels. Of structural innovations is the movement of the power button on the top of the side. Shell thickness increased by 0.2 mm to 9.6 mm. Although the length and width of it are slightly decreased compared to the previous flagship.

Has also been updated and hardware stuffing. 4-core Snapdragon processor 801 was replaced with a 64-bit 8-core Snapdragon chipset 810 (two 4-core processor, working alternately). RAM increased to 3GB. The amount of internal memory is 32 GB. There is support for memory cards.

Maintain the momentum BoomSound, they still are on opposite sides of the display – the top and bottom. Appeared technology Dolby Audio. Battery capacity is 2840 mAh. Machine for weight – 158 g

HTC One M9 is running Android 5.0.2 Lollipop mounted on top of a proprietary shell Sense 7. Sales company plans to begin in March. The smartphone will be available in dark gray, silver, and gold design. Price smartphone is still unknown.

Source: HTC

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