HTC One M9 "lived" under water more than 22 minutes

HTC One M9 “lived” under water more than 22 minutes

HTC One M9 "lived" under water more than 22 minutes

One M9 from HTC – a magnificent flagship with many advantages. Except for one thing. Developers from Taiwan are not provided him with protection from moisture.

There are no specific standards to implement did not. Formally – better to keep the phone away from the water.

In fact – all the more interesting. This is evidenced by the test, which has recently undergone a machine. A device with honor “survived” a small dive.

Testers lowered operating HTC One M9 full cup, start the timer and filmed the process on video. It turned out a very entertaining spectacle.

The underwater device “lived” about 22 minutes. Only by overcoming the specified threshold, it is completely stopped functioning. An impressive feat for a gadget that is not designed for such experiments.

What does this mean in practice? You can easily drop your smartphone into a puddle. If you pick up quickly – there is a chance to discover a whole HTC One M9. Although it is better not to do this on purpose.

Source: Geeky-Gadgets


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