HTC is working on its mobile OS to the respected publication Wall Street Journal (obtained from him information almost always turns out to be accurate), the Taiwanese company HTC is working on its own mobile operating system, which is designed exclusively for devices manufactured in China.

It’s no secret that the Taiwanese manufacturer, and there were the best of times, so the strengthening of its market position, the Middle Kingdom would be a good help for him – most likely, these are the objectives and will pursue with the release of HTC smartphones in the new OS.

In general, the HTC already have devices manufactured only in China, for example HTC 608t, but a separate operating system must be approved directly by the government, and, in addition, will be closely integrated with the various Chinese services like Weibo.

It seems that the OS from HTC will completely separate project and will not be eligible to compete with Android. While not having the name of the OS from HTC (maybe Taiwanese name her in honor of her shell – Sense) may become a competitor of Samsung’s Tizen and the rivalry between the two companies will continue on another level.

Wall Street Journal says that one way or another, the operating system will be released later this year. It is unclear whether it is about the announcement of the operating system or just the first device on it, but in any case it will be something interesting.

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