HTC One max shell red spotted in Taiwan

HTC One Max , introduced in the fall by the Taiwanese manufacturer, is currently only available in silver color. Comes directly from Taiwan’s first “sighting” on the version of HTC One red body with max. This version has not yet been officially announced by HTC, but is mentioned in promotional materials disseminated by the telephone Taiwanese FarEasTone Telecommunications.

The following image HTC One max shell (red terminal on the left) is joined to three other devices distributed by the Taiwanese carrier, they do show the same coloration: HTC Desire 601, recently introduced in Taiwan , HTC Desire and HTC Butterfly Q.


It should be noted that, compared to the version of HTC Glamour Red One, HTC One max red shell has some differences with regard to the polycarbonate inserts in the rear backcover: blacks in the case of HTC One (see picture left) and red One with HTC max (see image to right):

Are not known at the time, more information on the distribution of HTC One max red shell in the European market.

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