How to hard reset alcatel one touch? 2 methods

We often recommend to hard reset your Android smartphone, as the solution of various problems. But it is necessary to understand that this process will remove from your device the following data: installed applications and games, contacts from the phonebook, as well as all information about the device user. However, files on microSD card will not be affected.

After you hard reset Alcatel one touch, your device will be the same as it was after the purchase in the store. We will tell you about three basic ways how to hard reset alcatel one touch.

Method №1. Hard reset alcatel one touch

How to hard reset alcatel one touch? 2 methods

So this method will be useful for those users who do not turn on smartphone or if you forget your unlock password.

Completely turn off your device. It is necessary in order to enter the Recovery Mode. Next, you need to press and hold a certain key combination.

If you have a smartphone alcatel one touch you need to press Volume Up button and Power button.

Press these key combinations and hold for as long as your device does not enter into Recovery Mode.

You can navigate through Recovery menu using the Volume control buttons, and confirm your choice by using the Power button.

Next you need to find menu item «wipe data/factory reset» (or “Clear eMMC”, or Clear Flash), select it, and then click «Yes – delete all user data». After the process of deleting all data, select the menu item «Reboot the System».

Method №2. Hard reset alcatel one touch

How to hard reset alcatel one touch? 2 methods

This method will be useful for those who can go into smartphone menu.

You need to go to Menu -> Settings -> and Select Backup & reset. Next you need to go down to the bottom and click on “Factory data Reset”.

Thereafter, the system will inform you that all of the data stored in the memory will be deleted. You need to find “Reset phone”, click on it.

Then the system will ask you again, whether you want to remove all personal information and downloaded apps, you should click “Clear all”. The process will be started and device will restart.

How to hard reset alcatel one touch: Method №3.

And the last way, which is the most simple. Go to the dialer and type one of the codes:

  • *2767*3855#;
  • *#*#7780 #*#*;
  • #*#7378423#*#*.

Then begins the process of resetting the data, all the information will be deleted.

The instructions of hard reset alcatel one touch is finished.

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