Half / Half - tiny house for $ 22,000

Half / Half – tiny house for $ 22,000

Afford a tiny house, not everyone can. Only their own homes do not require an astronomical budget. Monarch Tiny Homes offers to buy one of the tiny houses of the company.

Feature of tiny house – Half / Half

For example, model Half / Half of the 22 000 dollars. With ready and very pleasant to look at the exterior. The owner should take care only of the interior design – to taste.

Half / Half - tiny house for $ 22,000

If we talk about the dimensions, the width of the structure is 2.5 m, and the length – 6 m. As for the height, it is 4.14 m.

At the heart of the house – structurally insulated panels SIP. The above ensures the thermal resistance at the level of R-14.

Half / Half - tiny house for $ 22,000

Furthermore, use of cladding Newtechwood – from wood fibers and recycled plastic bottles. The material does not require special maintenance.

The windows are made of energy-saving standards Low-E. They prevent heat loss and provide excellent sound insulation.

Half / Half - tiny house for $ 22,000

The space inside of the tiny house is enough for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, small loft, a spacious bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower. If desired, easy to install solar panels, significantly increasing autonomy.

There are no problems with transportation to the location. The platform is equipped with a trailer, allowing deliver Half / Half anywhere.

Source: gizmag

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