12.9-inch iPad? Could become a reality in 2014


It ‘been a while that you hear some rumblings about the possibility that an iPad from the 12.9 INCHES be introduced sooner or later, comes a new rumor today by the head The Korea Times , which refers to something more, stating that one of the majority partner of Apple regarding the display, it has already begun the production of panels for the unpublished format.

The report says that Apple could introduce this model of iPad in the first half of 2014, in accordance with the previously reported ETNews, who spoke in May 2014 as the preferred month.

It cited an unnamed source, who spoke of the supplier of the 12.9-inch Retina panel that will be used in the new iPad, says it is a big Korean manufacturer, the circle could then close a few giants (LG or Samsung?). Also in the report, it is stated that 12.9-inch iPad will have a better picture quality, comparing the quality to that of the Ultra HD screens, or also known as 4K.

The Korea Times has a tracking fairly reliable, especially when there is half of Samsung, also even the Wall Street Journal published an article in July this year, where he supported the hypothesis of this ongoing project by Apple.

A similar product could be the answer to the decline in PC sales, certainly focused to specific users, such as designers and certain categories of professionals. What do you think, it might make sense to market a 12.9-inch iPad?

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