Hackers broke into “smart” lights Philips Hue


With the proliferation of “smart” devices, hackers can gain remote access not only to computers and smartphones, the victims, but also to his car, home alarm system, door locks, cameras, thermostats and electrical outlets. As it became known, a security specialist Nitesh Dhanzhani managed to crack the Philips Hue – multi-color LED lamp, remotely controlled via the iPhone and iPad.

The hacker wrote a special malicious software that takes control lights, if it comes to a home computer user. According Dhanzhani, with a wide spread of these technologies, attackers can arrange a global blackout, for example, in hospitals or prisons.

LED lamps Philips Hue sold in stores Apple Store and let you change the color of the lighting in different rooms, varying levels of brightness, turn on and turn off the device by applying for iOS. The kit includes three LED module and Wi-Fi. You can change the color and the brightness or turn on or turn off the lights from outside the apartment.

Basic kit Philips Hue is $ 199, additional LED lamp will cost $ 59 apiece. The high price is due not only to a “smart” filling, but also longevity of the product.

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