Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will arrive in the coming days on Android

It seems that Rockstar Games is preparing to release global Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Android. The news of the last month on the arrival of the transposition of the game for mobile platforms had not leaked a precise date, however, confirmed for the current month, but a few hours the game has arrived on iTunes within the next week and will also be published on Android platform!

From what we read in the description of the version for iOS, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will have a remastered graphics to provide a better visual impact on smartphones and tablets. Also introduced a new system of checkpoints in order to advance the game in a more simple and smooth, finally will support a third-party controller to relive the experience in full free game that has always offered this series.

To kill time we leave you with the video just above already shows that much of the way through the new interface elements and the restyling version for iOS.

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