AccuWeather for Windows Phone receives a substantial upgrade to version 2.4

Dedicated to people who can not help but have an eye on the weather forecast, AccuWeather is one of the best applications available for the platform genre WP8 and WP7.5.

AccuWeather is very rich in information about the weather (temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, visibility, UV index, cloudiness. Pressure, etc.). Forecast with day and night for 72 hours and 15 days thereafter, provides the opportunity to consult weather maps of Bing that display areas with rain, snow and ice, presenting all in a detailed graphic. Do not miss the live tiles support and the ability to display the weather information on the lock screen with WP8 smartphones.

Accuweather developers have released few hours ago a large new update to version 2.4, the most significant since the major update made ​​available in early 2013 (to June was rather marginal). The changelog accompanying the new release of Accuweather includes:

  • Application completely rewritten with new APIs AccuWeather
  • Includes weather forecasts of China with 3000 locations (Huafeng Weather Forecast)
  • Integration of the new radar data for Canada, Japan and Europe
  • Added text list of local weather forecasts (with a view to 5 days)
  • New function to search for locations with auto-completion of tags to search
  • The application allows you to add an unlimited number of locations (previously limited to 7)
  • Added 21 new languages ​​(Italian language was also supported in earlier

Application definitely worth trying if you have not done before, even in light of the fact that it is completely free. As often happens, the nature of the application free of charge is compensated by the introduction of advertisements in the app that, in this case, subtract a little ‘space to the user interface.

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