Google Play for the Web gets a new look

Google has its online store for apps and content with some delay, missed the announcement to developer conference I / O new design. As mid-May was promised, the new look is now by the mobile devices adapted known appearance.

The new re-design of Google Play aims to make it easier for users, the apps available through the online store, games, music, movies, e-books and other content for Android easily discovered by a cleaner interface and faster to the desired product to reach.

Central to the new surface is mounted on the left side of the screen menu that makes available the various subsections. Once you have decided, for example, for the apps section, the main menu disappears and the sub-areas are shown. See also: Android: Google Play starts in the new design , the description of the apps now extend across the entire width of a page, so that Reviews and more information can be viewed at a glance. Overall, the new interface takes over with its tile products depicting some design ideas, which is also Microsoft’s Modern UI knows, but its own design identity retains.

Not all features are available probably because among other things can not be uninstalled via the Web Store apps. A customer can currently see though, what apps he has installed on their devices, but the device management via a browser on the PC is not yet possible. Also the overview of installed on each device apps is (still) not available again. however is new is the option to queue of apps and other content for later reference now to see the wish lists in the web version of Google Play. Google will probably still involve the top of a new teaser for particularly noteworthy content, where currently there is still the warning message on the re-design of the Play stores.

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