Google Glass will help to maintain the vehicle

Despite intensive research in this area , augmented reality at the moment, we can say , is still in its infancy. Including therefore , the potential of such gadgets like Google Glass is not used to the full. Fortunately , there are companies that are active in the development of this region, for example , Metaio, which is one of the leaders in the research of augmented reality . But now the question is not about technologies in general , and about the very specific endeavor, which stated Metaio – the company is going to “teach ” Google Glass glasses to help their owners to maintain vehicles.

In the video , which Metaio published on its website, shows a simple example: while driving in the car ends windshield washer fluid , as soon as receive information Google Glass and offer the driver to pour it in a special container . And if you open the hood without assistance would probably anyone with a car, an inexperienced driver can occur, for example, the problem of finding the right vessel. And here again comes to the rescue augmented reality – the right place under the hood is highlighted.

Of course , words can convey visual content is quite difficult, so we recommend you watch the video , which we posted below. Perhaps this example is someone seems too simple , but as the beginning of a more serious development of augmented reality , why not ? To test the prototype itself will be able to visitors of the exhibition InsideAR October 10 in Munich, but when such technologies will be able to take advantage of all the owners points Google Glass, unfortunately, is not mentioned.

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Look a video from russian roads:

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