Amazon will show its 3D-smartphone June 18

Rumors about the device went for a very long time, and that everything points to the fact that while you and I see it has finally come., Amazon released a teaser video of the gadget, which is likely, is nothing more than a smartphone with a revolutionary 3D-TV. Presentation is expected on June 18 in Seattle.

In the video we can see how “random customers Amazon” consider something while hidden from sight. Judging by the excited cries and movements of the head in their hands really a smartphone that uses several additional front camera to track the position of the eyes and the user’s head and thus create the effect of an extra dimension.

Earlier in the network repeatedly flowed renderings and even live photos upcoming gadget. Besides additional front camera, which is not so noticeable unless you know exactly where they need to look for in a smartphone there is nothing that would be out of the ordinary. It is expected that it will be installed 4,7 “HD-display, processor production Qualcomm, 2 GB of RAM and the main camera on the 13th MP – all pretty standard for 2014.

Knowing the methods of Amazon, we can expect quite heavily stripped down version of Android with a proprietary app store from Amazon. Also, as in the case of tablets ruler Fire, we can hope for good make iron and while not the most kusyuchuyu price, because the main Amazon seeking profit from the sale of services rather than devices. But this coin has a downside, as the advisability of purchasing the smartphone for use in our countries, which, as we know, Amazon services are not distributed fairly questionable.

In any case, waiting for June 18, when we finally show that “something”. As always, you can read more about this on our website. Stay tuned!

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Look a video from russian roads:

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