Google Android Revolution Edition for HTC One: KitKat imminent upgrade

As we anticipated communicating the news of the launch with Android 4.4 OTA update deployment KitKat for the version of HTC Google Play One, the developer community has started work immediately to take advantage of the new resources made available by HTC . Within a few hours they were in fact widespread: the source code of the kernel, the framework files Android 4.4 KitKat HTC One GPE, the OTA file with KitKat ( see Art. previous news ) and dump the ROM of HTC One Google Play Edition ( see Art. HERE ).

Mike1986, one of the most active developers of the XDA community, is at the forefront in the implementation of the update of the custom ROM Android Revolution Edition will integrate the new Google Android 4.4 release Kitka t. Mike announced that the release could take place in the day today, news that will make users very happy that, despite not having “converted” completely HTC One version Google Edition, will have the chance to try the new release without major delays Android Version in stock with the official build, properly “cooked” by the developer.

For further details, we recommend checking the official topic of the ROM that should be updated before too long with the new release of the Roma

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