Give me your ear! Unusual alternative password

Smartphones modern people can store a large amount of important information, so to protect it from prying eyes and detractors manufacturers are coming up with all kinds of applications and develop new technologies. Previously limited protection password, and then began to appear graphic keys, face detection, and lately even biometric scanners. But what we tell today is very different from all of the above and is a very interesting development.

Appendix ERGO, created by the American company Descartes Biometrics, allows you to unlock your Android smartphone with … your ear! Yes, it’s not a bug, this new type of biometric application scans your ear and creates a profile on your phone. Then, when you touch your ear smartphone, it scans it, probably by recognizing touches, and decides to give you access to the phone or not. In the web already have a lot of reviews, mostly positive. There are also people who have the app does not work properly, maybe they just made a wrong initial installation may app does not work so smoothly.

Besides unlocking the door with the ear and an alternative was ERGO user authentication using a conventional pin-code, as is done in iPhone 5s, for example. Are there, in your opinion, is the future of this technology? Or is it nothing more than entertainment, not suitable for everyday use and reliable security?

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