Security or personalization? Make your choice

Hobbies – has long managed to migrate from the category of “temporary fad” into a fully fledged part of his life. This is primarily journalistic activities, endeared Android and respect for other operating systems. Secondly, the study of dance, called a love of music and art in general.

It is no secret that in periodic sparring with adherents iOS lovers Android almost always use the same decisive argument. This, of course, the opportunity to personalize the device with a green robot inside, changing its interface as your heart desires. In the truest sense of the word. However, various Extensions and other similar applications look just like child’s play in comparison with the opportunities offered by root-law. For example, you can use them to get the volume control buttons to perform completely different functions, and that, of course, miracles do not end there. Whatever it was, in the pursuit of improving the stability of the future versions of Android developers to abandon the functioning of many root-applications, as it became known yesterday.

First of all, you should tell us about pretty sad statistics, which became public thanks to a study by Cisco. According to the experts it, Android is the main target for a virus that spread across the World Wide Web. Percentage of attacks on devices running our favorite operating system, is as much as 71 percent. Oddly enough, in the second place there is iPhone, familiarize with which I personally, by the way, happened recently.

Reason for this result is, of course, the openness of the system, allowing unscrupulous developers to manipulate the device in order to persecuted. At the same time, open source is also a key to change system settings, and a great many other details that are so loved by advanced users. Logical that sooner or later would have to choose which way to go either side of the opportunities in the same root-rights, or as to the stability and security. Looks like it’s time.

The first such code changes noticed developer, known in narrow circles under the name Chainfire. Among his works, we recall, one of the most well-known programs, providing root-law.

Despite some changes, the last limit the functionality of files in a specific directory. This, in turn, will certainly affect root-applications, many of which simply stop working.

Developer suggests that such changes may well suffer the next version of Android. Finding a solution to this problem has already begun, but whether the desired result is achieved – is unknown.

And how do you feel about such developments? Will be able to abandon the personalization in favor of increased security?

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