New gadget - mechanical glove teach you drawing

New gadget – mechanical glove teach you drawing

New gadget - mechanical glove teach you drawing

Anyway, any one of us at least once experimented with painting. And if you are gifted with the talent of the artist, you probably threw this thing, wondering how some people can connect all these lines and strokes to create something recognizable and aesthetically beautiful. But if the desire to become an artist still remains, salvation can come from where nobody expected – from robots. New mechanical glove teaches drawing and developing your muscle memory.

Saurabh Datta a student of the Institute of Interaction Design Copenhagen has created a glove, as part of his thesis, and its original purpose was to learn to play the piano. If human hands can not learn to do it yourself, it is possible mechanical robot arm will be able to help them. This “teacher” is worn on the hands and fingers, and walks you through specific movements over and over again. If you perform the exercises enough times it will develop muscle memory and hand learn how to perform the desired movement.

New gadget - mechanical glove teach you drawing

When used on a practice test participants experienced some discomfort – most did not like when the glove is too hard to control the movement, they tried to resist and seek a more comfortable hand position. To remedy these deficiencies date recorded movement testers and then adjust the force feedback machine.

Of course, it does not teach you to depict images of your imagination on paper, but, at least in theory, the robot will teach you the basics – to draw aesthetic line.

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