Findables released the covers for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini with a QR-code

The U.S. company has released Findables Case for iPhone 5, with printed on it QR-code. Prior to that, the company was limited range of models of iPhone 4/4S, iPad and Android-communicator Samsung. A unique feature of the accessory can be used to exchange contact information or search device in case of loss.

The man who scan QR-code, printed on the back of the case, will see one of the three selected profiles created by the user in advance on a special website A profile contains business contacts, the second – personal information with links to pages on social networks, and a third report that the phone is lost.

Findables offers three models of covers FlexStand, FlexWrap and Snap, telephones compatible with iPhone, tablet iPad mini, and smartphones Galaxy S III. Owner case at any time to change the profile information, and also post a message on remuneration in the case of a lost device.

Get a cover of Findables for Apple’s smartphone can be $ 30 for iPad mini accessory comes complete with cover Smart Cover for about $ 50.

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