Enthusiast was able to connect to the MacBook Air graphics card NVIDIA GeForce

Most of the owners of MacBook Air while trying to run some of the modern games certainly have had to face the problem of under-performance of integrated graphics GPU Intel HD. This state of affairs does not agree Larry Gadea (Larry Gadea), who managed to find a way out of the situation and connected to your MacBook Air graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570.

The video card was connected to the Thunderbolt port with two adapters. As a result, a minor upgrade graphics performance MacBook Air was seven times higher than the offer GPU Intel HD 5000.

Power of GeForce GTX 570 is high enough, so Larry had to connect it to a standard power supply, but in order to run on the MacBook Air a few modern games have to use Boot Camp and Windows 7.

Step by step instructions on how to turn your MacBook Air into a full-fledged gaming laptop can be found here .

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