Microsoft renames the cloud service SkyDrive

In late June, the Supreme Court of England and Wales (England and Wales High Court) found that applying the word in the title of his Sky cloud service SkyDrive, Microsoft violated the copyrights of one of the largest European providers of pay television – British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB). It is now known that the software giant agreed to change the name of its cloud storage not only in the UK or Europe, but all over the world.

Almost a month ago, Judge Sarah Asplin (Sarah Asplin) made a rather controversial decision. She said that the word in the title of Sky SkyDrive cloud service can be deceptive. Provider BSkyB owns several channels, which use the word Sky – Sky One, Sky Sports and Sky Movies.

Microsoft and BSkyB settled the dispute by peaceful means. Redmondtsy committed themselves to accept the decision of Themis and BSkyB, in turn, Microsoft has promised to provide as much time as is necessary to ensure that the renaming process was the most imperceptible both for the company and for the people. True, Microsoft must do everything “within a reasonable period of time.”

A Microsoft representative confirmed officially rename SkyDrive service in the comment The Verge , saying that this misunderstanding does not affect the quality of services provided and the work of the service.

Recall that in the recent past, Microsoft has encountered this kind of problem , then she had to give up the title of its tile interface Metro.

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