Droid Turbo - all the details and the date of the announcement

Droid Turbo – all the details and the date of the announcement

Droid Turbo - all the details and the date of the announcement

I never hid the fact that in recent years a passion for products from Motorola. Low-end models with indices E and G have almost no konkurenotov in their classes, and the flagship of the Moto X can easily compete with the industry’s best. But Motorola has left some drawbacks, the most important of which is probably the battery. And all this is traditionally solved in the line Droid. So the other day there are new details about the Droid Turbo, model 2014.

Earlier, the “light” has a lot of things. Not even so, actually flowed all: “spy” photos of the back cover, and features through benchmarks and stages of certification, and even complete instructions from Verizon, which should go in the box with the device. And just yesterday, the official twitter account DroidLanding and did put an image of the future flagship in red (you can see in the title picture) it remains only in the bar to forget. After that, of course, the message was deleted, but as you know, tweet – not a sparrow, although also birds, all things …

As you know, tweet – not a sparrow, though also birds, all the cases.

So, what do we know about the future Droid Turbo? Yes, almost everything. In terms of performance with a very high probability it will be installed Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 805 to four cores running at 2.6 GHz, paired with it will work accelerator Adreno 420, all of this is useful to display the image on the screen with a diagonal of 5 2″ with a resolution of QHD (2560 x 1440). In contrast to the same Moto X (2014), it will be “real” 5.2″ since keys should be placed under the screen, and not biting off its bottom.

Droid Turbo - all the details and the date of the announcement

In terms of memory promise 32GB + basic and 3 GB of RAM. The rear camera will get a 21 megapixel sensor (and if Motorola can not make it work fine, then it will be a clear diagnosis). But the main part of the last Droid’s at least their MAXX-part was the battery. And since, apparently, the new Droid will be only one (although who knows?) Battery and will not offend him. Judging by the leaked battery with index EQ40, its capacity will be as many as 3900 mAh. And that’s a lot, even with the QHD-screen.

If the Droid is really only one, and there will be no Droid Turbo MAXX, then pleasantly surprised at how thin it is (on the cover photo). It is possible that it’s just art of the photographer like what we saw with nynyshnim iMac’s generation, but nonetheless. From little things we already know that the slot for the SIM cards will be located in the same place and at the Droid MAXX, namely, a volume rocker. By the way, the course is quite practical, I think.

Droid Turbo - all the details and the date of the announcement

Another important point – the materials of the body. Let me remind you that the top droids were produced in Kevlar body, and judging by the photo leak back cover Droid Turbo, the same situation is going to be this year. However, I was a little annoying red. In the past year, if you remember, in the red was available model called the Droid Ultra and it would korus glossy.

In fact, the smartphone has been known for virtually all but the most important thing – the date of the announcement. Unnamed sources that are referenced resource DroidLife , say on 30 October. But maybe it will happen before, for example, with the release of Android L.

An important factor is the price. On the one hand, Droid Turbo – “Pimp” version of Moto X, so it is hardly worth waiting for a price below $ 650 and $ 700. But on the other hand, not so long ago, a representative of the same Motorola said that “the days of the 700-dollar smartofnov numbered.” In any case, wait for what will be cheap unlocked version is clearly not worth it.

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