DigiCare Do - headset with bone conduction speaker

DigiCare Do – headset with bone conduction speaker

DigiCare Do - headset with bone conduction speaker

Bone Conduction – bone conduction speaker technology, which is often used in high-quality headset for voice transmission. In Bone Conduction technology for sound transmission used bones of the skull, through which sound enters the middle ear, thus bypassing the ear canal.

These devices do not have contraindications to use – suitable for everyone, but also the technology will help people with hearing impairments. By the way similar to the dynamics of bone conduction Google uses in their glasses Google Glass.

Your headset with Bone Conduction presented by DigiCare. Submitted to the novelty has no special design solutions and to look at a regular headset, visual contrast can be seen only in planting the headset on your head.

In DigiCare Do headset uses two speakers emitter, the total power is equal to 1 watt, and the resistance is 32 ohms. Frequency range – 20-20000 Hz.

To support connection to the sound source is used Bluetooth 3.0 with EDR, the headset also has a built-in battery capacity of 260 mAh, which will provide the device six hours of battery life.

At the back of the device are buttons and volume control and a USB port for charging (which takes less than three hours). And a call reception button located on reproducing device cups. Built-in microphone provides noise reduction up to -50 dB.

DigiCare Do - headset with bone conduction speaker

The kit includes a charging cable, a special pad for attaching the headset if it turned out great and earplugs. Weight ’55 headset device can be purchased for $ 70.

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